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She Inspires


Hey y'all! This blog is from the desk of Glossip Mommy, Aisha! I want to start off by thanking you all for your support on Dallas' business.  You all have no clue on how many ways you've assisted me in teaching my daughter life changing lessons, in such a short period of time!  It really does require a village! I'd like to share with you just how far your support has gone in such a short time:

The other day, Dallas came to me with sadness in her eyes.  She had been working with her brother for hours, trying to fill orders and perfect the consistency on her body butter, and so I instantly assumed she was tired.  I put my laptop down and told her to come sit on my lap, and I just started telling her how proud I was of her, and how I wanted her to be okay with being my baby girl anytime she needed to be.  I knew that those words would get her to open up to me.

Just like magic, Dallas began to tell me how one of her friends asked her to come over her house to help her start a lip gloss company.  She said that she felt like her friend was trying to "take her business" from her.  It was at that very moment that I understood what God wanted me to do with this business.

I sat her down so that we could have a heart to heart conversation.  I wanted to look her in her eyes while I explained to her what I believe the purpose of this business may be.  So I asked her, "Dallas, what if you changed the way you looked at that? Do you think that you may be able to look at it differently?"  I asked her this, because it was in this very moment that I had realized that she had not only inspired her brother and I, but instead she was inspiring others.  My 10 year old beautiful, brown, baby girl, was inspiring other boys and girls in her community, to become entrepreneurs.  

While this open letter to all of you is not about race, race will come in this letter.  That is because unfortunately there are many communities in the world where African American children do not see many Black owned business.  It is because of that, that I'm extremely proud of Dallas' aspiration to be a business owner, especially at such a young age.  Dallas does not only make the products, but she is constantly checking her inventory, she chooses the items that are sold, and the items that are purchased, and she fires her brother and I everyday. She is truly the heart and soul behind Glossip Girls.  

I then asked Dallas, "who her heroes were", and of course, she said "her brother and I".   So then I asked her, "how she would feel if I told her that she's also a hero." It was in this very moment, and from this very experience that I was able to explain to Dallas that she was indeed "a hero" herself.  She was the hero of all the little boys and girls who couldn't imagine being a business owner at the young age of 10, until they saw her do it!   That night, we sat down as a family to create a shirt for Dallas, to show her just how much of a hero she really was!

So today, I'd like to share with you the first shirt in her new "She Inspires" collection.   This shirt is my tribute to my beautiful baby girl, my hero, our inspiration, Dallas Arie!


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  • I am so proud of you Dallas having your own vision at 10 years old and starting your own business. Sky’s the limit little cuzin. Dominating 2020 during the Pandemic.

    LaTanya Lawrence Grimsley