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Let Me Introduce You To ADULT GOALS


 So one day, I'm Minding My Own Glossip Business, or as my Mom would say, "Minding the business that pays me," when my brother comes to share with me the Twitter page that he created for me.  As I started looking at the page, I gasped.... because my Twitter page looked like a teenage football player trying to cheerlead on the sidelines of a game! AND yes, whatever you just imagined when reading that analogy is what my page looked like!

So, as I started to "Glossip" my page up, I came across this business page that had a video of it's owner earning 1 million dollars in 8 minutes.  Intrigued, I started to read her page, and I noticed that she was a young, black, female boss just like me.  So I tried, my luck with asking her if I could send her some of my products to sample, and she responded with her PO Box.  

Excited, I ran to tell my Mom about the Business that I wanted to ship a sample package.  I'm telling her the items I want to ship, and how I wanted the package to look, and my Mom stops me and asks with a chuckle, "What did you just say?" Now I'm thinking to myself, "which one of the 3,426 words might you be talking about?" But of course instead of that I said, "She's ADULT goals!!"  Before she could respond, I continued, "her profile hair is bomb, and she has an all natural skin care line that she created herself, she made over $1 million dollars, and for Christmas she paid her family's bills, that's definitely adult goals!!"

Mmmph.. Not realizing that my Mom turns everything in to a school project, and that she's still "salty" over the school work selection that I have been given to close out my Fourth Grade school year in Quarantine, she says to me, "lets find out more about her so that we can send her the right stuff.  What's her favorite colors, what does she like, oh and also.. what makes her adult goals?" So with my mouth Wide Open in disbelief, I go to do some research.  In my research, I discovered:

  • She makes hand made vegan skincare that everyone raves will provide results in 7 days
  • Her name is Mariee and she started her company 3 years ago
  • She uses fresh frutis and handmakes her products, just like me
  • She never had a job, only worked for her business
  • And she wears natural colors, so I'm guessing that her colors of choice are brown, cream, tans, orange, etc., hues.

Excited and DONE with my research, my Mom says, "and what about the Adult Goals part?" So,  After digging around for more info, my Mom comes to me with an Article written on, she says, while this may not be accurate data, this will help prove my point.  The article was titled "The Teen Millionaires Making Their Own Fortune".  Skimming for MoonX Cosmetics, I say.."I don't get it", and then my Mom asked the questions that she could have asked 2 hours ago, "How many teenagers were in that article, and how many of them were black females?"  The answer was 1 out of the 12.  My mom then explains, " That population is over saturated with white men.  MoonX Cosmetics is definitely Adult Goals, and the reason why is that she's a self made, African American Woman! 

So Ms. Marie, you made it boo!   There aren't enough of us represented, and who gon’ check us for trying to change the narrative?  So in honor of you, we've created a She Inspires inspirational T-Shirt. Tune in on June 1st for our B.O.B. Shirts, and Congratulations to MoonX cosmetics, on your success!