Best Friend Goals


Back in my days when I was a little girl, I was forced to attend Preschool and everyday I dreaded the "drop off" experience and couldn't wait until it was time for my Mom and Grandma to pick me up.  Now, this doesn't mean that my Mother didn't dread having to deal with my "drop off" attitude everyday, but this story is about me!   

It wasn't until I met my best friend, Makyla, that Preschool got easier for me.  Makyla didn't seem scared of anything, and she definitely wasn't scared of being dropped off.  She would hold my hand every morning and tell me that it was going to be okay.  Even though I didn't believe her, at the time, I started to feel much better about going to school because I knew she was going to be there.  I never told anyone, but after a while I only continued to cry every morning so that Makyla would come hold my hand!

After Preschool and even after I was forced to move (I will blog about that experience later) and we went to different schools, we've remained best friends.  Through the many ups and downs in our lives, we've been there for each other like best friends should.  I can still remember my first day of Third Grade math.  As I rode home on the bus trying to figure out how to ask my Mom about being home schooled, I got a text from Makyla who was happy about everything in third grade except Math!  She assured me that I was "normal" and that it was the school and not me that had it wrong! And that's the type of best friend you need in your corner!

So if you didn't get a best friend from crying everyday during preschool drop off, you may want to try this every morning when you get to school or work. You never know, you may find a friend like mine!