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Collezione: POP CULTURE

Our Pop Culture collection is an All NATURAL, Vegan, Handmade and Individually made collection of Colored Lip Glosses. Our formulated ingredients is the sole reason why all of our glosses are creamy, non-sticky, moisturizers with just the right pop of color to liven up your lips.

When the light hits your lips - it’s perfection in its iridescence, it’s shine. The Pop Culture colors can add the perfect touch to any look, whether you’re dressed up or dressed down! Not to leave out, that all of the glosses are Hand made using All Natural ingredients. These Vegan lip glosses will give you a perfect color Pop!

Sold In 4 Tubes:

Gold Tops (1.5 ml) $5.00

Gloss Tubes (5 ml): $7.00

Transparent Pens (5 ml): $8.00

Glossip Pops (6ml): $10.00

Currently Available in 7 Colors:  Rio (Red), Le Rose (Pink), Viola (Purple), McQueen (Gold), Azul (Blue), Olive (Green), and Bianco (Clear Creamy Shimmer)

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