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My Brother, My Hero

Fuss and Me

Having a big brother is like eating a sour patch candy.  It's sour and unbearable on the outside but in the inside it's sweet and some times sticky! Any little sister to a big brother can relate!  But my big brother is more than often like the sour patch candies at the top of the bag, you know the ones that didn't sit in the sugar/salt stuff for too long. 

For as long as I could remember, my brother has been there for me! He's that "Dad" that's in the way during basketball practice, the "Proud Dad" at the basketball game who gets excited when you're doing what you're "supposed" to do.  You can hear him screaming "Yea Dallas" as I dribble up the court, as if I was doing something special!  He steals the show every year as the "Cool Parent" for career day, as he speaks about how hard it is to be a high school student athlete.  And homework with him is always easier than with my Mom who will move on to the next lesson, even if it's not due until tomorrow!

But more than that, he's the person that I want to be like when I grow up. He's fun, kind, and funny. Everyone loves him and loves to have him around! His teachers adore him and his coaches always say that he's going to be the next Governor or President of the United States. As it gets closer to him going off to college, I'm hating that he has to leave more and more.  I don't know who will get my soda, make me food, and bring me to the mall or to my friend's house.  

One thing for sure is that I want to make my brother proud, and one day I'd like to make my Mom and him proud like he does for us! 




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  • Dallas: You are an exceptional young lady. You and your brother give me such hope and happiness for the future. With your Mother at the helm, you and your brother are going to have wonderful futures.

    Christine Kromer

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