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Glossin' Like My Mama



Many people may wonder how at the young age of 10, I've already created my own lip gloss collection.  Well, you may not know my Mama!?! As if it wasn't bad enough that she was the worst at taking selfies or that she refused to upgrade her IPhone 6 until she dropped it, or that her cellphone was always dead ... when she was able to  use her cellphone; all she wanted to do was take pictures.  You may be asking, "pictures of what?".. well if you were wondering... "Herself"!  But not just herself, selfies of herself with the Duck Lip pose! So there's no question about it, I was destined to become a duck lipped poser myself! That is until I learned how to "Smolder".  

If you don't know how to make the "smolder face" then this post may not be for you.. just kidding! Yes, I smolder, what else do you think we do in the 4th grade? I enjoy writing, gym, basketball, and selfies, and I made it a goal of mine to take better selfies than my Mom.  

But my Mom is my true inspiration.  She is one of the most educated, hard working, and smart women I have ever met.. and trust me.. I'm 10.. I've met a bunch!  She's beautiful inside and out, and has truly dedicated her life to myself and my brother!  She was the core inspiration behind Glossip Girls Cosmetics, and she should be proud!


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